Non-Seamless Wrapper

This is v1 react-native UI wrapper built upon PayU's Android and iOS sdk.

For future updates kindly shift to v2 of PayU react-native wrapper


For installing it to your project follow the below steps.

$ npm install payu-non-seam-less-react --save
$ react-native link payu-non-seam-less-react

For iOS

Add following code also for integration.

pod 'react-native-biz-sdk', :path => '../node_modules/payu-non-seam-less-react/react-native-biz-sdk.podspec'

in podfile and run following command.

pod install


import PayUBizSdk from 'payu-non-seam-less-react';

Creating Params

var params ={
amount:'<Transaction Amount>',
key:'<Key provided by PayU>',
txnid:'<Transaction Id>',
productinfo:'<Product Information>',
surl:'<Success url for Android>',
furl:'<Failure url for Android >',
ios_surl:'<Success url for iOS>',
ios_furl:'<Failure url for iOS>',
udf1:'<Any user defined fields>',
udf2:'<Any user defined fields>',
udf3:'<Any user defined fields>',
udf4:'<Any user defined fields>',
udf5:'<Any user defined fields>',
email:'<Customer Email>',
phone:'<Customer Phone number>',
env:'0/2', <0 for Production,2 for Testing Environment>
firstname:'<Customer First name>',
user_credentials:'<User Credentials',
lastname:'<Customer Last name>',
hash:'<Payment Hash>',
address1:'Customer address 1',
address2:'Customer address 2',
custom_note:'Any extra note to be passed',
city:'Customer city',
offer_key:'Valid offer key if wish to enable offer',
enforce_paymethod:'PG code if wish to enforce particular PG',
cb_config:{ enableReviewOrder:'true/false',
enableSurePay:0-3[For Surepay],
autoSelectOTP:'true/false'[To select OTP flow],
autoApprove:'true/false'[To Auto approve OTP after auto read],
disableBackButtonDialog:'true/false'[To Disable back button Dialog],
merchantSMSPermission:'true/false'[To enable SMS permission for Android(OS version>=M),
viewPortWideEnable:'true/false'[View Port setting for Netbanking],
merchantResponseTimeout:[In milliseconds to set surl/furl loading timeout]
'Key Name':'Value1'

For information about CustomBrowser Config refer here

For information about Review Order refer here

Creating Hash Object

var hashes ={

For generating below hashes use method described as here where command name is same as their type and var1 is userCredentials which uniquely identifies your Customer or default.

Command/Hash Type

  • vas_for_mobile_sdk

  • payment_related_details_for_mobile_sdk

  • delete_user_card

  • check_offer_status

For generating Payment Hash(to be set under payment_source key visit here.

Call makePayment method available in PayUBizSdk using params and hashes created above. It returns a promise object where on success /failure transaction response can be found using key merchant_response for response being sent by your Surl/Furl and payu_response for response being sent by PayU's Backend. For any other result catch the error[Payment being cancelled by user].

PayUBizSdk.makePayment(hashes,params).then(map =>{
Alert.alert("Response",'Merchant Response \n'+map.merchant_response+'\n Payu Response \n'+map.payu_response);
}).catch(error =>{