SDK Integration

Non-Seamless Wrapper

This is v1 react-native UI wrapper built upon PayU's Android and iOS sdk.
This SDK is no longer supported. Please refer to PayUCheckoutPro for the latest react native wrapper


For installing it to your project follow the below steps.
$ npm install payu-non-seam-less-react --save
$ react-native link payu-non-seam-less-react

For iOS

Add following code also for integration.
pod 'react-native-biz-sdk', :path => '../node_modules/payu-non-seam-less-react/react-native-biz-sdk.podspec'
in podfile and run following command.
pod install


import PayUBizSdk from 'payu-non-seam-less-react';

Creating Params

var params ={
amount:'<Transaction Amount>',
key:'<Key provided by PayU>',
txnid:'<Transaction Id>',
productinfo:'<Product Information>',
surl:'<Success url for Android>',
furl:'<Failure url for Android >',
ios_surl:'<Success url for iOS>',
ios_furl:'<Failure url for iOS>',
udf1:'<Any user defined fields>',
udf2:'<Any user defined fields>',
udf3:'<Any user defined fields>',
udf4:'<Any user defined fields>',
udf5:'<Any user defined fields>',
email:'<Customer Email>',
phone:'<Customer Phone number>',
env:'0/2', <0 for Production,2 for Testing Environment>
firstname:'<Customer First name>',
user_credentials:'<User Credentials',
lastname:'<Customer Last name>',
hash:'<Payment Hash>',
address1:'Customer address 1',
address2:'Customer address 2',
custom_note:'Any extra note to be passed',
city:'Customer city',
offer_key:'Valid offer key if wish to enable offer',
enforce_paymethod:'PG code if wish to enforce particular PG',
cb_config:{ enableReviewOrder:'true/false',
enableSurePay:0-3[For Surepay],
autoSelectOTP:'true/false'[To select OTP flow],
autoApprove:'true/false'[To Auto approve OTP after auto read],
disableBackButtonDialog:'true/false'[To Disable back button Dialog],
merchantSMSPermission:'true/false'[To enable SMS permission for Android(OS version>=M),
viewPortWideEnable:'true/false'[View Port setting for Netbanking],
merchantResponseTimeout:[In milliseconds to set surl/furl loading timeout]
'Key Name':'Value1'
For information about CustomBrowser Config refer here
For information about Review Order refer here

Creating Hash Object

var hashes ={
For generating below hashes use method described as here where command name is same as their type and var1 is userCredentials which uniquely identifies your Customer or default.

Command/Hash Type

  • vas_for_mobile_sdk
  • payment_related_details_for_mobile_sdk
  • delete_user_card
  • check_offer_status
For generating Payment Hash(to be set under payment_source key visit here.
Call makePayment method available in PayUBizSdk using params and hashes created above. It returns a promise object where on success /failure transaction response can be found using key merchant_response for response being sent by your Surl/Furl and payu_response for response being sent by PayU's Backend. For any other result catch the error[Payment being cancelled by user].
PayUBizSdk.makePayment(hashes,params).then(map =>{
Alert.alert("Response",'Merchant Response \n'+map.merchant_response+'\n Payu Response \n'+map.payu_response);
}).catch(error =>{