Customized Integration

(Optional Step)

The PayUCheckoutPro SDK provides several customization options allowing you to make the SDK closer to the look & feel of your app and also control some advanced capabilities provided by the SDK.


You can modify the color scheme and theme used in the PayUCheckoutPro SDK by providing your own set of colors. To change the color theme of the SDK, add the following color configuration to your colors.xml file. If you don’t have a colors.xml, create an empty file in your app project with the same name, and include the following configuration settings:

<color name="one_payu_colorPrimary">#053bc1</color> 
<color name="one_payu_colorPrimaryDark">#053bc1</color> 
<color name="one_payu_colorAccent">#053bc1</color> 
<color name="one_payu_baseTextColor">#ffffff</color> //Text color of header text and button text 

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