SDK Integration

POD Integration

  • If cocoa-pods is not installed, head here for cocoa-pods installation instruction
  • Go inside your project directory from the terminal
    cd path/to/your/project
  • Now we are going to make an actual pod file, type in terminal:
    nano Podfile
  • It will open an Editor, in Editor type, add following line:
    target 'YourProjectName' do
    pod 'PayUIndia-PG-SDK'
  • Now, press ctrl-x to leave the editor.
  • Last thing we have to do is to type in terminal
    pod install
  • Now, go to your project folder and open YourProjectName.xcworkspace.
  • Inside, Pods directory, you’ll find PayUIndia-PG-SDK

Swift Package Manager Integration

You can integrate PayUIndia-PG-SDK with your app or SDK in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Via Xcode - Go to File-> Add Package->
  2. 2.
    Via Package.Swift - Add below line in Package.swift dependencies
.package(name: "PayUIndia-PG-SDK", url: "", from: "7.1.0")
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