Custom Note Integration

(Optional steps)

Follow this section if you want to integrate Custom Note in PayUCheckoutPro SDK

Create Custom Note List

Create a list of custom Note that you want to pass to the CheckoutPro SDK. For each custom note , custom_note and custom_note_category needs to be passed.

  var customNotes = [PayUCustomNote]()
// for specific custom_note_category
  let customNote = PayUCustomNote()
  customNote.note = "Please welcome note"
  customNote.noteCategories =  [.ccdc]
// when want to pass same custom note for multiple custom_note_category
  let customNote2 = PayUCustomNote()
   customNote2.note = "Please welcome note"
   customNote2.noteCategories =  [.ccdc , .netBanking]

// If you want to show custom note on L1 screen, please set custom_note_category to nil
  let customNote3 = PayUCustomNote()
  customNote3.note = "Please welcome note"
  customNote3.noteCategories =  nil

Pass custom Note List to SDK

To pass the custom Note array created in above section to the SDK. Create a Object of PayUCheckoutProConfig and set customNotes as below

let checkoutProConfig = PayUCheckoutProConfig()
config.customNotes = customNotes

This checkoutProConfig object should be passed in method

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