Onboarding Requirements

Client Side

To start off the integration process, you would be provided a test setup by PayU where you would be given a test merchant account and test credit card credentials to have a first-hand experience of the overall transaction flow. Here, you can make transaction request in our sample app (pointed to the testing server). Next step is to integrate the SDK code with your app. Once the testing is complete, you should be ready to point your app to the PayU production server for some real transactions.

Test credentials

You should start with test key and salt (which targets test server) to enable extra logs. Please contact your Key account manager or drop an email to mobile.integration@payu.in along with your app name and registered email id.

Dummy test card

This will succeed only on test environment. Also all other cards (real or not) will fail on test server.

Name on Card: Any name Card Number: 5123456789012346 CVV: 123 Expiry Date: 05/2020

Google Pay Flow(Android)

To start transacting through Google Pay, please register yourself on Google Pay using the following Google Onboarding. In this registration process, please add the Merchant VPA Ids created by PayU for you. In the case of multiple VPAs, all of them need to be registered. For any queries regarding the same, drop an email to "mobile.integration@payu.in" and we will get back to you.

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