Supporting below Lollipop Versions

This page describes changes that needs to be made to support below Lollipop versions.(Android version 21).


  • TLS v1.1+ Support for Api level 16-19 is done via chrome custom tabs.

  • Chrome must be present in device(version 45+ available JB onwards).

  • Since Payment is done through Chrome Custom tabs hence no surepay/OTP assist feature will be available.

Changes required in Surl/Furl

Convert the response that your Surl/Furl processes into URI encoded format and add it to the payload key like below. In case you want to send a response sent by the PayU server then please append it after $| like below.


<a id="intentId" href="intent://payload?<URI_ENCODED_POST_DATA>#Intent;scheme=<YOUR_SCHEME>;package=<YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME>;end\"> 

For Surl -scheme=<YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME>.success

For Furl - scheme=<YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME>.failure

Merchants are advised to show something, like a hyperlink, asking users to click in order to fire deep link intent in case the auto redirection doesn’t work.

Please note if for Api level 19 if in case TLSv1.1+ connection cannot be made due to old cipher merchants are advised to make changes as suggested here.

Custom Browser Changes

In case gms provider is already updated or it is already handled by the host application, merchants are requested to set the below configuration so that CB OTP assist and SurePay can work on API 19 as well.

customBrowserConfig.setGmsProviderUpdatedStatus(CustomBrowserConfig.TRUE); //Default - CustomBrowserConfig.FALSE 

In case of GMS Provider change is not handled by merchant payment will be made by Chrome tabs for KitKat (API 19) also.

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