Google Pay™

Onboarding Requirements

To start transacting through Google Pay™, please register yourself on Google Pay using the following Google Onboarding, In this registration process please add the Merchant VPA Ids created by PayU for you. In the case of multiple VPAs, all of them need to be registered.

To enable Google Pay please contact your Point of Contact at Google

For any further queries or help with onboarding, please contact us via "[email protected]" and we will get back to you.


We are offering 2 types of Google Pay transactions.

In-App Flow

Where the user device has Google Pay application installed. We invoke the Installed Google Pay application to do the payment transaction. User will see the Bottom-sheet(In-app) like UI on the checkout screen.

If the installed app doesn't support In-app, then payment will be making via Intent flow(Full Screen UI).

In-App Flow in Action

Web Flow

If the user's device does not have the Google Pay application installed, we will show the Web UI to complete the payment. The web flow essentially is a UPI collect flow, where the Google Pay application associated with the UPI VPA will get a notification to authorize the transaction.NPCI calls it PULL flow: Requesting money.