MCP Integration


Follow below integration steps if integrating Multi-Currency Payments(MCP) -


Kindly connect with your Key Account Manager at PayU to get below credentials -

  1. Merchant Access Key

  2. Merchant Secret Key

Pass Merchant Access Key

Pass Merchant Access Key in Additional Params in Payment Params as mentioned here.

HashMap<String, Object> additionalParams = new HashMap<>(); 

Set these Additional params in Payment Params mentioned here.

Generate Hash For MCP

For MCP payments, SDK require Lookup API Hash which is a Dynamic Hash. SDK will call generateHash() method as explained here

Lookup API Hash is calculated with HmacSHA1 signature. It requires a Merchant Secret key in calculating the hash. Below example code demonstrate the calculation of Lookup API Hash-

         public void generateHash(HashMap<String, String> valueMap, PayUHashGenerationListener hashGenerationListener) {
               String hashName = valueMap.get(PayUCheckoutProConstants.CP_HASH_NAME);
               String hashData = valueMap.get(PayUCheckoutProConstants.CP_HASH_STRING);
               if (!TextUtils.isEmpty(hashName) && !TextUtils.isEmpty(hashData)) {
                String hash = null;  
                //Below if statement is required only when integrating MCP
                if (hashName.equalsIgnoreCase(PayUCheckoutProConstants.CP_LOOKUP_API_HASH)){
                //Calculate HmacSHA1 HASH for calculating Lookup API Hash 
                ///Do not generate hash from local, it needs to be calculated from server side only. Here, hashString contains hash created from your server side.

                 hash = hashString; // here hashString is hash calculated from your Server Side
                 } else {
                 //Calculate SHA-512 Hash here
                 hash = hashString; // here hashString is hash calculated from your Server Side
                 HashMap<String, String> dataMap = new HashMap<>();
                 dataMap.put(hashName, hash);

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