Review Order

Review order is a feature of CB by which merchant can display an ongoing transaction’s information to the user on bank page. This will help the user to verify transaction related critical information

Integration Options

You have two options by which transaction information can be displayed using RO:

  • With Default PayU’s UI: You pass the data to be displayed. We create a view with your information. We control the UI and places at which info should be displayed.

  • With Custom UI: You pass us an object of view(layout). You design the view and fill information in it. We display the view as is in the Review Order screen of CB.

Integrating with Default PayU’s UI

Make object of ReviewOrderBundle like below:

ReviewOrderBundle reviewOrderBundle = new ReviewOrderBundle();

Add payment details to bundle in form of key value pair like below:

reviewOrderBundle.addOrderDetails("Email","[email protected]");

Set bundle data to Review Order setReviewOrderDefaultViewData method available in CustomBrowserConfig.


Integrating with Custom UI

Create a layout as per your design which contain the data you want to display. Use below method available in CustomBrowserConfig to set the layout.

customBrowserConfig.setReviewOrderCustomView(<Custom Layout>);

Set Custom Text Label for Review Order using below method

customBrowserConfig.setReviewOrderButtonText(<Custom Text>);